In all classrooms the languages spoken at all times are German and English.

Our motto is:

One person, one language


This drive to learn and understand is maintained when we give the child the opportunity to act independently and to actively engage with the world. The child is a co-creator of their own upbringing, so it is important to us to pay attention to the needs of the child and to support them adequately. Your child is the greatest treasure for you and the future of our society. To enable your child to grow up happily, and thus also to contribute to a better society is our ultimate goal.


Educational Plans

Here you will find the different educational plans according to which we work.

Scientific studies have shown us how crucial the first years of a child’s life are. In this short time, more development and learning processes take place than ever in life. That’s why we have made it our mission to create an environment in which growth and maturation processes are supported. In the past, it was assumed that the child was a passive and helpless being. Today we know that it forms itself and has the drive to understand and understand the social and material environment.